Would anyone want to take over WWLMM??


I just don’t have time to do it anymore.

So if you’re a Mad Men fan who is pretty nifty with this kind of shiz, feel free to let me know.

In a way I’m looking for the next Peggy or Don.

So yeah, just let me know if you’re keen as Heinz Beans to take it over :)

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Update 2.0

Messages in inbox since last update - 0

So I’ve decided that I won’t delete this Tumblr but I most likely won’t be posting any more requests as I haven’t had any.

So yeah, unfollow or do whatever you want to do.

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Just a few things…

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve recently bought a new computer and am still yet to transfer everything from my old one to my new one.

Secondly, I’m back at uni and so have been putting all my energy into that and work.

Thirdly, unless I start receiving more suggestions I’m going to either close this down or just stop posting because I’ve been coming up with most of them.

I’ll try my best to post some soon but can’t make any promises.

Check out some other WWL pages (particularly Once Upon A Time, The Avengers and Merlin) who post pretty much daily.

Have a good week guys xoxo

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Sorry guys but until my internet’s fixed I won’t be able to upload any more pics.

Well that and the fact that my inbox is completely empty. In order to have a WWL page, I need suggestions. I can’t keep coming up with at least 80% of them.

Have a good rest of the week xoxo

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The Seduction
Sally Draper
The fact that Trudy Campbell sounds like Judy Garland

This is America. Pick a job, and become the person that does it.
Bobbie Barrett
Rachel Menken (and that hat pink she wore)

You don’t know how to drink. Your whole generation, you drink for the wrong reasons. My generation, we drink because it’s good, because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar, because we deserve it. We drink because it’s what men do.
Roger Sterling


So…I’ve decided to change the longer WWLMM submissions to match the shorter ones.

I still like the greyscale images with quotes on them so instead of them being longer submissions, they’ll be for your favourite quotes.

If you have a favourite quote, let me know which episode it’s from so I can try and find an image to match it.

My ask box is empty so if you have a reason why you love Mad Men, let me know.

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Joan & Lane

What’s better??

For long “WWL Mad Men” responses, should I…

  1. Do them as confessions with the greyscale image? or
  2. Like the one I just did where the text is smaller?

Let me know which you think and I’ll go with the majority.

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I love Mad Men because it’s authentic and doesn’t try to be politically correct to please people.
I love Mad Men because it makes office work look sexy!